End Users will be subject to the following fees for the following content and services available on or through the ikioo Remote Health Monitoring and Management Application (the “Platform”):

  1. Premium services
    • FREE Monthly Advanced AI Report
    • 100 Ikioo Vision uses per month
    • 10 Health Record Requests (including FAX)
    • 5GB Storage for Uploaded Medical Reports
  2. Consultation Fees, if any, may be charged by care Providers to deliver certain services on or through the Platform. Any such Consultation Fees shall be charged at the rates and at the times set forth by such care Providers on the Platform.
  3. If you choose to access a service for which you will pay a Consultation Fee, you may also be charged a Platform Access Fee. The amount of the Platform Access Fee will disclosed along with the rates set by the care Providers on the Platform.
  4. Certain of the services provided by your care Provider may be covered by your healthcare insurance or other insurance provider and, as a result, may not be subject to any Consultation Fees. End Users with applicable insurance or their applicable care Providers who have verified such insurance coverage may designate themselves as “Insured Members” or permit their applicable care Providers to designate them as “Insured Members” with respect to covered services provided on or through the Platform by going to [INSERT]. You acknowledge that ikioo Technologies, Inc. does not verify insurance coverage with respect to any services provided to End Users on or through the Platform, and shall not be held liable for any claims arising out of or related to the failure of any services provided on or through the Platform to be covered by insurance. IT IS THE END USER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY INSURANCE COVERAGE WITH RESPECT TO ANY SERVICES PROVIDED ON OR THROUGH THE PLATFORM.

The payment of fees are subject to the billing and other terms set forth in the End User License Agreement.